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Cemetery News

To comply with recent Health & Safety legislation the Parish Council has arranged for the checking of all headstones in the cemetery.  Councillors are aware that this can be a sensitive issue and will ensure that the work is carried out with due respect to the deceased. Any unsafe headstones will be marked with a stake.

Contact the Clerk to Wickhambrook Parish Council who is the the 'Clerk for Burials' and is always willing to advise you on any matter relating to burials in our cemetery etc.

Parish Clerk - 01440 821861

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All Saints Church

Find out about the services, events and history of All Saints Church.

Wickhambrook Cemetery

The Clerk to Wickhambrook Parish Council is the 'Clerk for Burials' who will advise you on any matter relating to burials in our cemetery.

Methodist Church

Wickhambrook Methodist Church is in the Ely & Newmarket Methodist Circuit and part of the East Anglian District.

United Reformed Church

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals are conducted by our Minister, the Revd Elaine Colechin, who is always willing to meet with enquirers.

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Wickhambrook Cemetery

Wickhambrook CemeteryThe death of a loved one is a traumatic experience. For those who have not had to sort out funeral arrangements before, the question arises; What do I have to do ?

The simple answer is : get in touch with a Funeral Director. There are several well-established firms in Bury St Edmunds, Newmarket and Haverhill - some of whom advertise in The Wickhambrook Scene.

The Funeral Director will ‘undertake’ all the arrangements, giving you advice on such matters as:-

Do you wish for a Burial or a Cremation?

Would you like a Service in one of our local Churches ? (They are all willing to provide this - the Minister or Vicar would come to see you)

Would you like a burial in our local cemetery or elsewhere ? (This includes the interment of cremated remains).

The Funeral Director will make arrangements for the burial with the Parish Council, who are responsible for the Cemetery. (Burials in Churchyards are controlled by the Churches).

Full details of the Wickhambrook Cemetery: Fees and Regulations (The Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977 (No 204)) can be found below. This provides detailed information about headstones, right of burial, plots, fees, flowers, etc.

Fees and Regulations

(The Local Authorities’ Cemeteries Order 1977 (No 204))

The fees, payments and sums set out below apply where the person to be interred or in respect of whom the right is granted is, or immediately before death was, an inhabitant or parishioner of the Parish of Wickhambrook, or in the case of a still-born child, where the parents (or one of them) are, or at the time of the interment were, such inhabitants or parishioners. In all other cases the fees, payments and sums will be doubled. Payments must be made before interment or the erection of a memorial.

a) a still-born child or a child under 18 years; nil
b) a person over the age of 18 years; £120.00
c) of cremated remains; £85.00
for a period of 75 years from first interment:
a) in an earthen grave - in any full-size plot approximately 8' x 4' (2440mm x 1220mm) £120.00
b) for cremated remains within the Cremated Remains area - in a cremated remains plot approximately 3' x 3' (910 mm x 910 mm) £70.00
for the right to erect on a grave in respect of which an Exclusive Right of Burial has been granted:
a) a headstone £105.00
b) a tablet on a cremated remains plot £105.00
c) each inscription after the first £55.00
i) The location of a burial plot within the cemetery shall be decided by the Parish Council.
ii) Memorials shall not exceed 3' 3'' (1000 mm) in height; 2' 4'' (720 mm) in width; and the concrete base shall not exceed 3'' x 18'' (930 mm x 465 mm).
iii) All memorials shall be sited on the extreme head-end of the grave, in line with all other memorials in that row.
iv) Separate flower vases are discouraged. The modern design of headstone incorporating a vase is preferred.
v) Within the Cremated Remains area memorials shall consist of a tablet not exceeding 2' x 2' (620 mm x 620 mm) set flush to the level of the grass.
vi) It is recommended that, unless the memorial be set on a concrete base, nine months be allowed to elapse after the burial, to allow for settlement of the ground, before erection of the memorial.
a) for every search covering a period of not more than one year £15.00
b) for every search covering a period of more than one year  
  for the first year £15.00
  for every additional year £5.00
c) every certified copy of an entry in the registers £15.00

The foregoing charges and regulations were approved and adopted at a meeting of the Parish Council, acting as the Burial Authority, held on Thursday 27th day of October 2017 and are effective from the first day of January 2017.

print or download a copyPrint or download a copy of the Fees and Regulations here

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