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It was a lovely day for our Flower Show on the 8th July.  Not too hot, but cloudy and sunny all day.  The numbers of entries this year were a little down compared to last year, but we still had entries in nearly all the categories and the hall looked lovely and colourful.  The numbers of entries in the vegetable section was most impressive this year, which I was quite surprised with, because I do not think it has been an easy year for gardening.  It was a very warm spring and then we had weeks and weeks without rain and with high temperatures as well, not a good combination for growing vegetables.  Children’s entries were splendid this year, and the judges found it very difficult to judge their entries as so much effort has obviously gone into them.  The WI Hall was open for entries for an extra hour this year, as some parents had requested that it be opened so their entries could be made when coming to the school to collect their children, and this seemed to work very well and could have contributed to the fact that we did have more children’s entries.

I went round with the Handicraft Judge again and she expressed how impressed she was with the standard of all the exhibits.  She has judged at Wickhambrook Flower Show on a few occasions and she said that the standard of the handicrafts entered seemed to get better and better.

So well done to all of you who entered, whether it was flower arranging, flowers, plants, fruit, vegetables, handicrafts or cookery.  I realise that everyone is so busy these days and that it takes some time to get your exhibits ready for the Show, but, obviously we cannot put on a show without your exhibits, so thank you all very much for taking the time and trouble.

Over 200 people came to view the Show and I hope you all enjoyed having a look round.  The Children of Wickhambrook School also put on a splendid exhibition – so thank you also to the teachers, parents and children involved.

The Cup Winners were as follows -

Badmondisfield Cup - Richard Houghton
Clopton Cup - Linda Scott
Elizabeth Rolfe Cup - Hilary Bradfield
A Silver Cup - Polly Puxley
Mapey Rose Bowl - Dorothy Dennett
Family Cup - The Houghton Family
W I Shield - Dorothy Anderson
Crystal Fruit Bowl - A Day
Ivy Hicks Trophy - Callum Bradley
Bailey Sweet Pea Cup - R & R Smart
Helen Long Trophy - Audrey Lawfield
Underwood Cup - Margaret Carpenter
Victory Cup - Callum Bradley
Banksian Medal - Richard Houghton
Diploma of Excellence in Horticulture - A. Day
Diploma of Excellence in Horticulture - Bernard Edgeley
Nurse Williams Cup - Harry Jolland

Our monthly meetings begin again on Monday 25th September with a talk and spore sowing demo entitled Hardy Ferns given by Margaret Nimmo Smith who is a fern specialist.

Then on Monday 23rd October we have The Amazing Hidden History of Apples and Orchards, a talk and apple identification given by Joanna Crosby. 

Both the above meetings begin at 7.30 and are in the W.I. Hall.  Members £1 and non-members £2 which includes tea/coffee and biscuits and everyone is very welcome.

Jackie Fieldsend

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Wickhambrook Horticultural Society

Monday 26th February
The next Horticultural Society meeting will be on Monday 26th February at 7.30pm in the WI Hall.  Garden Bugs: Cohabit, Conserve or Control - A presentation by Dr Ian Bedford (Head of Entomology), John Innes Research Institute, Norwich, everyone welcome.

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Members Information

Our Annual Membership is 5, with meetings costing 1 to members and 2 to non-members. We would love to see some new members and you can be sure of a warm and friendly welcome.

Subscriptions are payable to the Treasurer each January.

Our talks usually last for about an hour and then we have a chat with other members whilst enjoying tea/coffee and biscuits. The talks cover a range of different aspects of gardening and our programme is planned to provide something of interest to each and everyone of us.

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