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Wickhambrook Parish Plan

Following a meeting organised by the Parish Council with Suffolk Acre (action for communities in rural England) that took place on the 30th March, a number of people expressed a strong interest in organising a further meeting to explore whether or not a project to produce a Wickhambrook Parish Plan should be created.

At that further meeting and another after that, seven people volunteered to lead the project and they have formed a steering group for a Parish Plan project known as the WPPSC, Wickhambrook Parish Plans Steering Committee.

August 2017 Update

Oil Buying Group

Oil Buying Group

One of the actions requested in the Parish Plan was to set-up an oil buying scheme for Wickhambrook. We have joined The Higham Oil Group which has constantly achieved lower prices than the Suffolk ACRE scheme and it's free to join!

The group send out emails two weeks before the next order date and then a week later to remind people to order just in case they have forgotten.
You don't have to be on the internet to join the group.  You can telephone the group organiser Chris Mortimer 01223 760374 (day time) and he will add you to the group.  At the beginning of the year you'll be sent a paper copy of the years order dates, you can then telephone through your order two weeks before the order date.

The group orders oil every month between September and May and once in the summer in July so if you would like to save money on your heating oil please visit https://highamoilgroup.wixsite.com/home and sign up to the group. Any size order from 500 litres.

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The Final Report ...

The Wickhambrook Parish Plan















The Parish Plan Committee

The Parish Plan Committee is as follows:

Steve Sumner
Vice Chairman
Keith Harrison
Jim Ashling
Viki Mayes
Kate Sammons
Alan Morris
Daryl Griffiths
Email Parish Plan Committee

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About the Parish Plan

Wickhambrook Parish Plan Steering Committee logoThe object of the group will be to steer a Parish Plan project on its way. Initially this will involve such tasks as identifying stakeholders in the project, interested parties and those groups of people or individuals that we would like to invite to participate. If you represent a group of people and would like to take part, please let us have your contact details.

Once all the stakeholders have been identified and contacted and their views and opinions received, we will then begin constructing a questionnaire to be sent to as many people in the village as possible, and some people outside the village too.

After the questionnaires have been distributed and the completed ones received back, which we expect to take place over a period of several months then the major task of analysing all the answers and producing "the Parish Plan" will take place.

A number of people have already asked what a Parish Plan is and what is it there for.

It is effectively a document that sets out the strategy for the Parish, a business plan.

It will :‐

Indicate the views and opinions of residents on important local issues

Provide service providers with the information they need to incorporate into their future policies and plans, bodies such as the Parish, District and County Councils.

What the views, opinions and needs are of the youth of the village.

What ideas people have for helping the village to thrive.

What are the important things that people think should be developed in the village.

Then it will identify the lead organisations and partners to enable the above and set out the projects the village may look to undertake and the funding methods for those projects.

As you will expect, there is a massive amount of work to be undertaken to get to the end result given above, some of it is expensive in time, some of it expensive financially so the steering committee will have to find and obtain the necessary resources if we are to deliver the complete plan.

In times past, the financial aspects of Parish Plan production were quite readily available, now in these prudent times it will be a challenge, the committee will have to apply for loans and grants and seek sponsorship from businesses in the area. If you are a business and interested in sponsoring either the production of the questionnaire or the final report, we may be able to offer some exclusive advertising opportunities for you, let us know when we contact you as a stakeholder.

There have been some start‐up costs for the project, unfortunately Suffolk Acre are no longer themselves able to offer their services and skills free of charge and we are pleased to let you know that the Parish Council has supported the project by agreeing to fund the initial stage.

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