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Wickhambrook Walks

This is the last of the walks to neighbouring pubs and it can be a 'there and back' exercise (a mildly interesting 4½ miles) or it can be extended to take in Denston (a more rewarding 7 miles). The Cherry Tree on the A143 is open from noon till 2.00 p.m. every day apart from Monday and offers a wide range of bar meals.

This series of walks have been put together by Roger Medley.

If any of the walking notes are confusing or inaccurate or the information is wrong, please contact Roger. If they are helpful, or if you have any other comments, likewise.

The Wickhambrook W.I. Walking Group meets every Wednesday morning at 10am starting from the MSC car park for walks in the village or slightly further afield. We walk for about two hours and cover about five miles, depending on how much chatting is taking place and there are usually six of us, although we have had a dozen occasionally, and dogs are welcome too.

Walk 6 - walk to The Cherry Tree and onwards

MAP » you might find it useful to view the map using this link »larger version« where you can also change the view from Streep Map to Satellite Map to view the route across fields, etc.

ROUTE » From the Car Park at Wickhambrook village hall walk across the recreation ground heading half right to a lone tree. Skirt the tennis courts and turn right down the side of the school. Cross the road and go down a minor road with grass growing in the middle. At the bottom turn left.

At the next junction continue ahead with a green and bench on your right. Take the first footpath on the left which immediately takes you across a small metal bridge and then another. Continue with the hedge on your left, cross a collapsing culvert, and the hedge will be on your right. Waymarks are present but they are not too obvious. At the end of the post and rail paddocks go across a ditch and continue ahead with a bank and ditch on your right. This is a very open stretch.

Eventually cross a sleeper bridge and go through a gate into a rough paddock. Veer slightly left towards a 5 bar gate in the opposite corner. Having reached this gate you will find hidden in the corner a 'chest expander' stile. Go through this to reach the road and turn left into the small hamlet of Farley Green.

Cross the next junction and then turn right at the 'Old Bakery'. Take the bridleway sign on the left (opposite a farm). As the gravel drive turns right keep straight on along a pitted and wet, in parts, green lane. Cross a footpath junction (remember this for the return journey) and come out into the open.

Stick to the right side of a large field, through a gap in the hedge, and along the left side of the next field. The Suffolk Pink of the Cherry Tree will come into view. Continue straight ahead along a track and reach the road. Turn right for the pub.

Having consumed your allowance and rested sufficiently, backtrack to the footpath junction. If you wish to continue the circuit, climb the stile on the right, cross a very small paddock to find another stile and sleeper bridge. Make use of these and turn right.

Follow a hedge, then a ditch, skirt a small copse and pass a sign saying that the 'Landowner welcomes careful walkers', all on your right. You meet a field track where you should turn left. Cross the first culvert on the right and a very narrow field. There is no waymark here but you will see ahead the finger posts either side of the main road.

Cross the A143 and take a half left diagonal footpath across growing crops towards the nearest of a line of tall trees. Do not go through the trees but follow this headland path left to the far corner. Go right through a gap in the hedge and walk along with hedge now on your left. Enter the playing field and head towards the bench to the right of the swings, and then the litter bin! Enter the churchyard, reach the road and turn left.

Where the road swings left you need to cross but if you do so, because of the bend you can see neither right nor left. So it is best to backtrack to where you can see to the right and listen to the left. Having crossed the road follow a track in front of a square cream cottage with a ditch on your right. Go through a gate, cross a solid bridge, then a sleeper bridge and follow a variety of signs until you are just short of the road.

Continue around the headland round to the right until you reach a pedestrian bridge across a ditch on your left. There is no waymark at this point and one of the middle slats is broken, so it is quite distinctive. Cross the bridge and go through a gate. Take a permissive path across the meadow keeping to the right hand hedge. The gate in the far corner leads to the drive of Denston Hall.

Turn left on reaching this and head towards the church. There is a seat here if you need a breather. Take the footpath at the left of the churchyard, through a kissing gate and turn left. Do not go for the obvious kissing gate ahead. The chosen path will take you through a wide gap between hedge and a post and rail fence and diagonally to a gate in the far left corner.

Go through and follow the headland path ahead. This turns left and right around the field edge and in the next corner you need to take the narrow gap (not the wide gap) left through the hedge. Follow a faint cross field track half right. Turn left on reaching the far hedge and drop down to the A143. Cross with care and head up the rough drive on the other side. Divert to the right around the buildings and rejoin the track, now a metalled road, on the far side.

Reach and cross the B1063, and continue along the minor road opposite. After a short distance take the footpath sign on the right. This takes you back on yourself (the alternative option, walking the short section along the village road, comes under the heading of Extreme Sports and is best rejected unless you are tiring of life) down a regularly mowed and very pleasant path. Many thanks to someone.

Meet the road again and turn left to pick up the pavement and follow that across Cloak Lane back to the school and car park.

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