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A Tribute to Derek Redhead, our Wickhambrook Borough Councillor from 1995 to 2015

18th April 2018 | Parish Council News


by Julian Wilson

Family and friends recently gathered on what was probably the wettest day of the year so far to say farewell to Derek Redhead, our Wickhambrook Borough Councillor from 1995 to 2015 who recently passed away at the age of 86.

Happily married to Joan for 42 years; Derek lived at Malting End with Joan and daughter Phillipa – firstly at The Beeches and later at Bretts Farm.

After a protracted battle with planners, he obtained permission and developed Bretts Farm over a period of five years; from what was little more than a chimney stack into a luxury bungalow.

Derek traded Plant and Machinery for most of his working life – I remember the occasional low loader lorry laden with Caterpillar bulldozer or digger grinding up Grove Farm Hill scraping the hedges as it went.

Wickhambrook Borough Councillor for twenty years, Derek always looked after the interests of the parishioners he represented – regardless of their political affiliation.

It is a measure of the man that when he was finally defeated in the 2015 election, he was only beaten by six votes.
He was also Chairman of the Governors of Clare Middle School for many years.

Derek asked me to take “Madge” his last cow to Norwich.

We had a difficult time trying to load her into the livestock trailer as she ran round the field, tried to hide in some 6ft. nettles and evaded our best efforts for over an hour.

Derek later told me “Madge” was 21 years old and had been born and lived in that field for the whole of her life!!

I am pleased to be able to report “Madge” is a happy resident at the Hillside Animal Sanctuary near Norwich.

Julian Wilson

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