Consultations, new projects and on-going work

The Parish Council works hard to promote, respond to and improve a wide range of issues in Wickhambrook. The last year has been difficult for everyone with the pandemic, and we wanted to create an opportunity to celebrate some of our achievements over the past year, and to look forward to some ongoing and new projects in the parish, working more closely as a team.

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Recent Achievements

  • New multi-play unit at Bury Road Pocket play park
  • Refurbishing the Cemetery Gates & a new Memorial Bench—come and join us at 2pm at the War Memorial for the cutting of the ribbon.
  • Improved drainage at the end of Footpath 25, and improved steps and handrail access from the Recreation ground
  • Upgrading of bins on the Recreation Ground, in the Cemetery and at Coltsfoot Green
  • Installation of a new “Willow Heart” on the village sign to mark the kindness of residents in the pandemic year.  Join us at 3pm for presentation of the Alf Hick’s Biscuit Barrel, and cutting of the ribbon.

Road Safety Working Group

Over the past year, the Wickhambrook PC has been working closely with Wickhambrook Primary Academy and volunteers in a working group to look at possible options and solutions for improved road safety, especially around Wickhambrook Primary Academy.

This has involved students in all year groups, who have competed to design signs to encourage drivers to slow down through the village—the winning entries will be presented with a prize, and entries will be on display at the open day.


Road safety project in our village – THE UPDATE!

Road safety project in our village – THE UPDATE!

In response to a road traffic accident in 2018 and heightened concerns of residents, the school and villagers, Wickhambrook Parish Council set up a road safety working group, just over a year ago, to explore all the options for road safety specifically in the vicinity of Wickhambrook Primary Academy. The working party includes local villagers, a school governor, the head teacher and a representative from the Parish Council…

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Speed Reduction in Wickhambrook


Quiet Lanes Suffolk

Quiet Lanes Suffolk:

A volunteer led project supporting parishes across the county to identify and designate suitable rural lanes as Quiet Lanes to make them safer for people to use for exercise and more active forms of travel.

Wickhambrook Parish has a wide network of smaller lanes, many of which would be suitable to be designated as Quiet Lanes, if there is support from local residents. 

UPDATE 28 September 2021

Wave 3 (this includes Wickhambrook)

Representations have been received by SCC Legal and any objections will need to be resolved.  This does take time so please avoid sending in individual emails requesting an update to the QLS team.  Usually this will require contact with the Parish Council involved.   QLS will update all Wave 3 parishes as soon as they have news, and the clerk will keep the projets page updated.

UPDATE 10 August 2021

The Community Engagement Day on 3rd July at the Memorial Social Centre was well supported, with over sixty people attending and looking at the displays of proposed Quiet Lanes.  We had some really good feedback, and this enabled the parish council to lobby further for the lane from Nunnery Green to Boyden End becoming a Quiet Lane.  Thanks to all your comments, we were successful!

At its meeting on 22nd July, the parish council considered a further report on Quiet Lanes which looked at the feedback received on all the proposed lanes it had nominated in February this year, to narrow down the nominated routes to a final nine (the parish council is making a voluntary contribution of £50 per route, with one free route).

The routes decided on were:

RouteLanes IncludedRoute Number(s)PlanInclude Yes/No
1Lords Lane, Back StreetU7047, U7048, U7049North of Genesis Green: 1Yes - share cost with Ousden
2Chapel RoadU7058North of Genesis Green: 2Yes - share cost with Ousden
3Ousden RoadU7056North of Meeting Green: 1Yes
4Boyden End to Nunnery GreenNorth of Meeting Green: 2Yes
5Cloak LaneU7061East of B1063:1Yes
6The DudderyC659East of B1063: 2Yes *Count as one route
Church RoadC659East of B1063: 3
7Giffords LaneU7317East of Bury Road: 1Yes
8Thorns CornerU7102Attleton Green to B1063: 1Yes
9Mole HillU7103Attleton Green to B1063: 2Yes
10Attleton GreenU7105Attleton Green to B1063: 3Yes *Count as one route
Malting EndU7105Farley Green to B1063: 1

The Quiet Lanes Team has subsequently advised us that the route from Boyden End to Nunnery Green has now been extended all the way to Meeting Green, as the parish had originally requested, and so many supported in their feedback.  As a result, the Quiet Lane Network, in Wickhambrook, (if designated by Suffolk County Council), will look like this:

Our routes at the northern end of the parish link through to the Quiet Lanes in Ousden (Lords Lane and Chapel Lane)
Our routes at the northern end of the parish link through to the Quiet Lanes in Ousden (Lords Lane and Chapel Lane)

Our routes at the northern end of the parish link through to the Quiet Lanes in Ousden (Lords Lane and Chapel Lane).


The next stage is a formal consultation prior to the routes being designated. In late August (23rd), leaflets will be delivered to all properties along the routes nominated, and they will have an opportunity to respond directly to Suffolk County Council with their views. Notices will also be posted at either end of each route proposed.  You can view the consultation letter and formal notice here.

If you would like updates on parish activities and consultations, please contact Hilary Workman ().



Housing Needs Survey

UPDATE 10 September 2021

The parish council has carefully considered the agreement proposed by Community Action Suffolk (CAS), the provider of the survey and subsequent summary and full report.  On reflection, the council has decided not to enter into the agreement, which it considers would put the parish council at risk of a large financial liability, and constrain the council’s intention to make full use of information from the report to inform the development of its Neighbourhood Plan.  Councillors do not consider this to be in the interests of the parish community.

The draft minutes of the extra-ordinary meeting at which this decision was reached on 8th September will be available shortly.

The parish council will continue to explore options to undertake a housing needs survey in the future as part of the wider Neighbourhood Planning project.

Please address any queries to Hilary Workman, the clerk, at .


Housing Needs Survey for Wickhambrook

Housing Needs Survey for Wickhambrook

Last Autumn West Suffolk Council consulted on Issues and Options for a new local plan. One of the key concerns many residents raised with the parish council, was the need for affordable housing for Wickhambrook residents. For this reason, we have decided to carry out a more detailed survey to try and get a better understanding of future housing need for the village…

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Refurbishment of Games Area and Skate Park

A recent storm caused some significant damage to the boarding of the Games area.  The parish council was already looking into the possible re-surfacing of the games area and skatepark, and is now a more urgent matter.

UPDATE – 21 December 2021

A lot has been going on in the background to bring the old MUGA space back into use since our last update in August.

At its September meeting the parish council  considered a report on redevelopment of the old MUGA space.  It supported the Estate’s Committee proposal to redevelop the space for low level cardiovascular outdoor fitness equipment (with no requirement to re-surface the existing tarmac), site an additional Gym Station just outside the old MUGA space, and research and consult on the development of a new MUGA space in an alternative position on Six Acres.

The Parish Council approved the funding to remove the old basketball hoop at ground level, make repairs to the surfacing at the rear of the old games space and re-fence it with bow top fencing  to a height of 1.2m (similar to that surrounding the Skate Park).   This work has been instructed, but unfortunately due to supply issues we have been advised that the installation has been delayed at least until the new year.

In December, the Estates Committee considered a report setting out three options for cardio vascular outdoor fitness equipment, with costs ranging from £14K to £51K.  The proposal from Proludic was identified as its preferred option to take forwards.  This option includes:

  • Metal Street Workout with Dip Bar, Horizontal Bar, Horizontal Ladder

Metal Street Workout

  • Elliptical Trainer; Urbanix Spinning Bicycle; Hydraulic Squat; Pendulum and Twister; Hydraulic Shoulder Press;  and Hand Cycle
  • Line marked Trim Trail; and
  • Access to a mobile sports app which provides free exercise guides and allows users to track their workouts.  Users over the age of 18 will also have access to a community forum where they can share/challenge and chat with local friends.

Illustrations of the equipment, layout and information on the sports app can be found by following this link.  We believe that this option provides access to a wide range of users of all ages, abilities and levels of mobility.

The quoted cost of the package is just under £25,000.  The parish would have to raise the majority of the cost of the package through grant funding.

To support any grant application, we need your views!  We’ll be posting a short questionnaire, but if you have any queries or comments, please do get in touch with the clerk at


Wickhambrook Parish Council

Would you like to participate in one or more of the projects the parish council is developing?

Please let us know what you would be interested in helping with:

Last year West Suffolk Council consulted on its first stage in developing a new local plan. Many local residents raised their concerns about the possible scale of development identified for Wickhambrook its likely impact this on the parish and its environment. The parish council has funds set aside for the development of a Neighbourhood Plan which if adopted, could set out clear expectations as to the scale, siting and style of future development in the parish. This is a large and detailed piece of work. Councillors are supportive, but this is a matter for the village to decide whether it wishes to form a steering group to move forward.

Over the past year, the Wickhambrook PC has been working closely with Wickhambrook Primary Academy and volunteers in a working group to look at possible options and solutions for improved road safety, especially around Wickhambrook Primary Academy. We’re looking for volunteers to help move this project onto the next stage, including development of a funding bid and delivery of options and solutions which have the support of the parish.

• Working parties to support the Tree Warden and Footpaths Officer in their work • Tidying and maintaining the cemetery (including planting of spring and autumn bulbs etc) • Recording headstones and their images to assist with updating records and, in the long term, on-line access to records to help with family history projects • Helping in the event of an emergency response within the parish