Welcome to Wickhambrook

Football Club…

We have one team which currently plays in the St Edmundsbury and District League.

The club is currently run by John Wreathall & Iain Barnes. The club was promoted from the BIS 1A and won the Kershaw Senior A before leaving the Kershaw Premier League in 2008.

Our Club emphasis is “teamwork”. There is no manager, coach or boss. We have open and frank discussions on how the game is going, what is going good or bad and we think that is what has given us our success. Everyone is involved. The only hierarchy we follow is in who does what to organise everything but once the game is on, we all pitch in.

Published League Champions

The Wickhambrook First Team initially played in the Halstead & District League but in 2002 moved up into the Cambridgeshire League and were placed in the Second Division which they subsequently won. They were promoted into the First Division in 2003 and are hoping to do well so that they can progress into the Premiership League.


We have our own pitch in Wickhambrook which is on the recreation ground and the MSC Pavilion is used for the after match ‘refreshments’.

The First Team provide sandwiches after their matches and the bar is open should anyone wish to purchase drinks. They also have a draw where tickets are sold and half of the proceeds go towards the sandwiches and the rest is prize money.

Training is on a Wednesday evening between 8 – 9pm at Hundon Astroturf pitch.

The team would be pleased to welcome new members both with support and help with the team generally but also for new players. There are lots of jobs that no one even thinks about which are just as important as winning the matches – washing the kit, marking up the pitch, etc.

We play every weekend and would be delighted if you would like to come and support us.

First Team Captain – Jim Jolland

Reserve Team Captain – Paul Taylor

If you would like any more information or are interested in joining our football club then please contact Jon Wreathall 01440 821061 or 01440 783027.

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