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History Society Antiques Roadshow

11th October 2018 | Local History Society


by Wickhambrook History Society

On Saturday 6th October, the Local History Society held their version of the Antiques Roadshow in the WI Hall, with Barrie Stevenson in charge. He introduced himself as a ’bit of a fraud’ as he is not an expert in anything, just someone with a lifelong interest in everything old and quirky and he amazed the audience with the breadth and depth of his knowledge.

Everyone who attended had brought something old and interesting for Barrie to look at and these ranged from pottery, jewellery, paintings and everyday items from the past to agricultural implements and curiosities. How thrilling to see a gold medal, the Keith medal, awarded in 1909 for excellence in Maths and Sciences but just as exciting to see an old Suffolk tool for lifting root vegetables, clay pipes found in local fields and costal bells worn around the necks of precious animals.

No valuations were given, but everyone felt that their little bit of history had seen the light of day and been appreciated by the audience and Barrie.

A Ploughman’s Supper completed an excellent evening.

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