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Community public access defibrillator

We now have two community public access defibrillators that can be used by anyone located at Wickhambrook Fire Station and the Memorial Social Centre (MSC) – you don’t need to have received training in its use as the machine talks you through what you need to do – step by step!

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New facilities put our Memorial Social Centre on the map

The Wickhambrook Memorial Social Centre (MSC) management committee has spent five years raising over £23,000 towards a £45,000 kitchen facilities project. The future of an important hub in one of West Suffolk's most popular villages has been secured, thanks to extensive refurbishment funded in part by a £10,000 grant from St Edmundsbury Borough Council...

The MSC is available for hire for weddings, dances, private parties, etc.

There is ample parking available.

All bookings and correspondence (in the first instance) should be sent to the

The main committee is as follows:

The Memorial Social Centre (MSC) is at the heart of Wickhambrook and provides a venue for many of the clubs and societies to hold their meetings and events. The Centre is made up of a Foyer, The Dulcie Smith Room which has two snooker tables, the Main Hall with a stage, a Club Room with a bar, Pavilion with bar together with toilet and kitchen facilities. The local football pitch, play area, tennis courts, bowls green, skatepark and recreation ground are all located near to the MSC.

With the W.I. Hall located on the opposite side of the car park, Wickhambrook has excellent facilities for the many events that take place throughout the year.

Our bar service provider is The Greyhound Pub.

Only parts of the Hall are used for our regular events and so please feel free to enquire of the Booking Manager whether arrangements can be made to accommodate your function.

Conditions of Hire

Please view the Conditions of Hire before making your reservation.

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All bookings and correspondence (in the first instance) should be sent to the .

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Memorial Social Centre (MSC)

Memorial Social Centre (MSC)
Cemetery Road

Recreation Ground

Memorial Social Centre Recreation Ground
Cemetery Road


Please note that Camping is strictly prohibited anywhere on the recreation field or playing field. Any cause for concerns can be reported to Suffolk Police by ringing 101.


Dogs are now permitted on the recreation field, provided they are kept under close control (on a lead) and are not taken onto the grassed sports and play area. Please keep to the perimeter of the field.
A polite request from the Memorial Social Centre management committee.

“If you find any of the recycling bins full, or nearly full, it would help prevent a mess of fly-tipping around them if you could please report the fact using the telephone numbers below. If it’s reported several times, they don’t mind.”

(‘AYLESFORD-NEWSPRINT’) 01622 796000

(‘VIRIDOR’) 01953 499990

(‘WRG – Glass’) 01842 762934

Wickhambrook MSC Main Hall viewed from entrance
Wickhambrook MSC stage
Entrance to MSC Club Room from Main Hall
Wickhambrook MSC Club Room bar

The History of the MSC …

It all began on 27th November 1944. A public meeting was called, the venue unknown, the W.I. Hall perhaps. The instigator of this meeting was William Underwood ably assisted by Leonard Harbutt. It was decided that a village hall was needed and that it should be called the MEMORIAL Hall in memory of those that had died in the First World War and for those still giving their lives in the Second. The aid of the Suffolk Rural Community Council was sought. A second meeting was held on the 22nd January 1945, a committee was formed and the planning of the Memorial Hall began. Unfortunately there are no members of that committee alive today.
Wickhambrook Memorial Social Centre
Wickhambrook Memorial Social Centre and Recreation Grounds
A further meeting chose the site, the corner of the recreation ground, it also chose the format of the committee. It was decided that every organisation in the village should be represented on it; this with slight adjustment still exists today. Fundraising began and grants were obtained. It took five years to raise the funds and construct the building. It was formally opened on 13th April 1951 by its Chairman Mr Griffiths Woollard. They were obviously not superstitious! We can be proud of their achievements.

Since those early days much has changed. The Hall and Recreation Ground Committees have amalgamated to become the Memorial Social Centre.

However all was not easy in the early sixties monetary crisis loomed and there was talk of ‘putting the hall on rates’ or even closing it and using it as a barn to store corn.

The Community Council was formed in 1966 with the intention of saving the building, modernising and extending it. Once again the fundraising began and grants were obtained. The building as it is seen today is the end result. It gained a refurbished kitchen, a clubroom, a snooker room and a front foyer with modern toilets. It was formally opened in May 1972 by Mrs Eldon Griffiths the wife of the local Member of Parliament.

Wickhambrook Memorial Social Centre Front
Wickhambrook MSC Main Hall viewed from entrance
The pavilion at the rear of the building was added at a later stage, being built mostly by the local football club assisted by other sports clubs.

The Memorial Social Centre is part of an excellent leisure complex which comprises a tennis court, and a bowling green together with a Teen Project Skate/BMX/Sports Park and a children’s play area.

Wickhambrook has some of the best recreational facilities in the area and the village hall is second to none.

We can be proud of our Memorial Social Centre and thank those far sighted villages who, in 1944 during the dark days of the war decided that Wickhambrook should remember its fallen heroes with a living reminder of their deeds. Let us hope the complex continues to thrive and to serve future generations a fitting memorial to those who gave their lives for our freedom.


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