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18th October 2018 | Outdoor Bowls Club

by Sonya Thorburn

With the end of the season now upon us we have concentrated our efforts on tidying the grounds ready to re-awaken for the 2019 season which starts in April.  There are many plans afoot for the new season and we are in discussion with the Parish Council regarding further support to enable us to concentrate on the upkeep of the green and provide further facilities so watch this space! Maybe even a Port-a-loo (Steady!).

We really do want to open up the sport to everyone in the village, young and old alike and will do everything we can to make it a ‘fun’ experience which leads nicely on to our competition to fill the winter months ‘Fiiiiind the Jack’.

Bowls Club competition October 2018

In the photo the Jack (or Kitty or small white ball to you and me!) has been cleverly airbrushed out and all you have to do to win a voucher for a 2 hour session at the Bowls green, which includes tuition if required, is cut out the photo and ‘X’ marks the spot where the Jack could be!  Send to our Chairman Charles Townsend at Goose House, Coltsfoot Green, Wickhambrook CB8 8UW and the nearest mark will win the voucher – don’t forget to include your name and address.

The other photo is our giggle-worthy caption competition, suggestions (printable ones only please!) by email to The winning caption will be printed in the next article.

The Chairman’s suggestion is: I received a call asking ‘Is that the Chairman of the local bowls club?’ I replied ‘It depends on where you are calling from!’ –  which should be easy to top!

With very best wishes for a Happy Christmas and New Year from us all at the Wickhambrook Outdoor Bowls Club.

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